Fire safety is one of the top priorities in today’s building infrastructure safety. A fire once spread out of control, can quickly cause extensive damage to the property and ultimately to human lives. Ideally, all measures should be in place to ensure that a fire never occurs, but in the event that a fire has been ignited, every precaution should already be in place to ensure that it is contained quickly. This is where Tai Sin’s Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH), Flame Retardant and Fire Resistant Cables come into play.

These cables are manufactured with plain annealed solid or stranded copper strands. The conductors are protected with a fire barrier tape and are insulated with either a LSZH thermosetting compound or XLPE. The multicores are laid together and protected with an inner sheath of LSZH material, armoured with steel round wires for multicores or aluminium wires for single core and finally protected by an outer layer of LSZH material. Non-armoured cables are without the additional inner sheath and armouring. LSZH sheathing of all these cables are UV protected. This range of FR Cables are available with a voltage rating of 600/1000V and are manufactured to BS 7211 (Single Core Wiring), IEC 60502-1 (Non-Armoured) and BS 7846 (Armoured).

Range : 1C x 1.5mm2 to 1C x 1000mm2 (Single Core Wiring)

Range : 1C x 10mm2 to 1C x 1000mm2, 2C x 1.5mm2 to 4C x 500mm2 (Armoured)

Range : 1C x 1.5mm2 to 1C x 1000mm2, 2C x 1.5mm2 to 4C x 500mm2 (Non-armoured)

Fire Performance Standards Achieved Circuit Integrity : BS 6387 Cat C.W.Z., SS 299 Cat C.W.Z., IEC 60331

Flame Propagation : IEC 60332-3A / IEC 60332-3-22, BS EN 50266

Acid Gas Emission : IEC 60754, BS EN 50267

Smoke Emission : IEC 61034, BS EN 61034